5 simple ways to do online marketing in logistics niche

1 The Power of Intelligent Networking When we talk about networking, you think of physical events or tradeshows when businesspeople dressed up in suit and dresses exchange namecards, isnt it ? However, times have changed and internet has allowed networking to take place online. That is done using a platform […]

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How to create your website in just 3 easy steps

Here’s how to create a website or blog step by step. Thanks to this manual to create a web able to: • Promote your business and positioning search engine • Create a marketing strategy in social networks to strengthen your community • Getting an attractive and professional design Step 1: […]

The Importance of social networking today

The Internet has come to change undoubtedly the way we live our lives and how we communicate, this fantastic tool provided businesses a new battlefield, initially businesses in cyberspace were limited only to creating a web page , but currently this is not enough with the advent of social networking. […]

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